6 Tips To Help Your ADHD Child Socialize

Are you a parent of an ADHD child and wondering why your child doesn’t have friends? Maybe you noticed your child not enjoying the activities or time with their peers. One question we often get from our parents is how to help their children make friends. Here are 6 tips on helping your ADHD child:

  1. Take part in the decision. Help your child find friends with similar interest. Maybe send them to school with a famous cartoon character book bag or t-shirt.
  2. Talk to other parents. The better educated people are about ADHD, the more they can help. Talking with other parents could help them to encourage their children to make friends with yours.
  3. Join a local club or group. Check with your school to see if their is a girl scout or boy scout troop they can join. Maybe a physical activity like sports or cheerleading would be helpful for your child to make friends.
  4. Invite kids from school to your child. Plan a birthday party or play date and invite friends from school.
  5. Educate your children on what good behavior is. Don’t scold them or embarrass them in front of their friends if they do something inappropriate. Come up with a code word you both recognize.
  6. Teach them how to make conversation and encourage them to stay in touch with their current friends.

Being a child is difficult sometimes socializing and making friends can be stressful. Having ADHD on top of all this can be wearing on children. However, having good friends can help deal with struggles. Be sure as a parent you are encouraging them and helping your children.

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