When ADHD symptoms are present, parents and patients often wonder where to start. They are afraid of a rush to judgment and at the same time worry about a drawn out process of expensive testing.

At Focus-MD we view ADHD as a medical problem, not a psychological one. We are committed to quality medical care that ensures plenty of time with a Board Certified Physician and FDA cleared testing to make a precise diagnosis.

If that diagnosis is ADHD, we are prepared to start helping the same day with evidence based treatment options. If the diagnosis isn’t clear, or the symptoms are due to another condition, we’ll help find the resources you need.

We practice according to the latest professional guidelines, but we individualize our care for each patient. ADHD patients share a number of characteristics, but no two are alike. We are committed to the whole person.

We provide careful follow up to ensure our patient’s treatment plan continues to fit their needs. ADHD is a life span disorder. It is always there but it affects people differently at different stages of life, and that can mean from one grading period to the next!

Improving the lives of patients with ADHD is our passion. We know the frustration. We are committed to helping patients find Focus.