Day 30: 31 Ways to Make ADHD Medication Less Scary Before Halloween

I’ve read that ADHD medication can make my acne worse Now that’s scary!

It’s a little less common, but while we’re on the subject of skin, let’s talk about acne and ADHD medication. Teenage patients certainly fear anything that may make acne worse, and I’ve noticed that there are several blog posts about acne and ADHD medication. The two aren’t likely to be related, but acne is common in teenagers and so is ADHD, so there’s going to be some overlap. It’s easy to think that perhaps the medication is playing a role.

In general, most patients come back and say that their acne has gotten better and worse regardless of their medication, whether they were taking it or whether they were not taking it. I do want to caution parents that there are about three patients that I’ve seen on higher doses of Accutane also on higher doses of stimulant medication that have had some mood issues, depression.

Whether this is really related or not, I’m not sure, and the evidence is there’s certainly no medical evidence to support it. But because I’ve seen it a few times, I take notice, when patients get it to higher doses of Accutane mixed with the stimulant. Generally, this responds beautifully to dose reduction. So you’ve heard me say it over and over this month.

If you’re having problems, it’s probably the wrong dose. And it it’s not the wrong dose, it’s the wrong medicine. So just let your provider know if your child is having mood issues and is on higher doses of Accutane and higher doses of stimulants, because an adjustment can likely help that.

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James Wiley is the founder of Focus-MD. Focus-MD is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and related problem patients. They provide objective testing, medical treatment as well as behavior modification strategies to help or patients transform from frustration to focus. To find a Focus-MD clinic, click here. 

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