Whether you have an affected child or teenager or if you wonder if you or your spouse is affected, ADHD is a ‘family affair’. The frustration spills over into almost every aspect of a family’s life. Fussing over homework, uncompleted tasks, bad grades as well as problems with oppositional behavior and sleep — if a family member is affected, you know what we mean.

There are. Unfortunately, behavioral problems in children are on the rise. Lack of careful diagnosis can lead to children being labeled ADHD who perhaps just need more discipline or structure. One of the primary goals of Focus-MD is to prevent over diagnosis in our patients. If we suspect that the patient has a diagnosis outside our area of expertise, we will help with appropriate referral and follow up.

No one wants for their child to be medicated. Still, we recognize that medication has been found to be the most effective single treatment for ADHD. You can expect careful explanations of the benefits and risks of treatment choices and a respectful ear for your concerns and suggestions.

You have likely heard about the common side effects of appetite suppression, sleep problems and irritability. At Focus-MD, we have designed a careful plan of follow up to minimize side effects and maximize your child’s improvement in academics and in social settings.

We don’t either. We all want the patients to be themselves with more, well, Focus. Again, frequent follow up by email is the key in dealing with side effects quickly. Our FDA cleared objective testing gives us objective evidence that the patient is adequately treated and not over medicated. This combination almost always allows us to find a medication, dose and plan that will provide Focus and prevent overmedication.

The majority of studies regarding substance abuse have concluded that the treatment of ADHD is less likely to lead to substance abuse than leaving the condition untreated. Impulsivity, poor performance in school, underdeveloped social skills and low self-esteem are more likely to contribute to substance abuse than treatment with stimulants.

Newer medications, careful diagnosis and follow up also help us avoid medication diversion to improper use.

Coverage for the advanced technology provided by Focus-MD varies. Tele-medicine and email communication, though very efficient for managing medication without requiring an office visit, are not generally covered. Often ADHD services are included in a plan’s mental health benefits which are separate from other insurance benefits. Our experience is that patients may be limited to a certain panel of providers, deductibles are higher and benefits are lower for these services than for related medical services. At Focus-MD we have put together a cost-effective strategy to provide modern testing and medical care.  We are happy to assist you when you file your insurance benefits.