At Focus-MD, we want our doctor’s full attention to be on the patients. This is way we handle most of the business side of the practice and let you concentrate on your patients.

With Focus-MD you will be:

Educated – Few doctors receive real training in ADHD management in their residency and that includes psychiatrists and neurologists. Focus-MD has compiled the medical knowledge base to give you the expertise and confidence to tackle the medical diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and related disorders head on before you see your first patient. And we want to learn from your clinical experience as well. With Focus-MD your are part of a network of doctors with one goal—improving the outcomes of patients with ADHD using the best science and a strong dose of caring attitude.

Supported – We’ll take care of the business so you can take care of the patient. We’ll tell you how to really value your time by coding appropriately. We have the business partners and experience in medical practice management to be sure the finances work because we are committed to revolutionizing ADHD care by making it higher quality and more time and cost efficient. We are committed to tracking outcomes and providing you assurance that your patients are getting better over the long haul. And we will stay on the cutting edge of this dynamic field as brain science and genetics continue to inform our understanding of ADHD.

Valued – Whether you are one of our employed physicians or one of our licensed partners, we value your contribution to the team and seek your input in continuing to improve our quality and performance for our patients. As part of the Focus-MD network you are helping us revolutionize the way ADHD care is delivered, and our experience tells us your patients are going to be very grateful.

You Focus On Patients – Focus-MD Provides:

  • Time for physician/patient relationship
  • Standardized encounters to drive high quality care
  • Technology for objective diagnosis
  • Evidence based treatment algorithms
  • Cost effective diagnosis and treatment

We Focus On Business – Focus-MD Provides Help With:

  • Customized next generation user friendly EHR
  • Practice management expertise
  • Office site selection and set up
  • Voice and data communication

We Refocus On You – Focus-MD Provides:

  • Manageable office schedule
  • Time for your family and other interests
  • A collaborative network of physicians for continued professional development