Born out of years of personal and professional frustration with the standard of care in ADHD management, Focus-MD approaches the ADHD problem head on. Parents are concerned, even fearful about asking the question ‘could this be ADHD?’ because they fear a rush to judgment and labeling or they’ve heard about extensive, expensive testing that resulted in uncertain answers.

In 1998 Dr. James Wiley was frustrated with his own family’s experience with ADHD and was feeling overwhelmed by what his personal experience was telling him about the inadequate job he was doing when taking care of these complex patients—he stopped accepting any new patients with these concerns. If he couldn’t do it well, it was better not to do it at all.

In 2001 he had learned enough through personal experience and professional development that he was ready to give it another try in his primary care practice. High overhead and lack of adjunctive resources were barriers to spending the time needed with the patient and communication, and close follow up remained difficult obstacles to overcome.

There had to be a better way.

In 2008 Dr. Wiley opened Focus-MD. He designed the practice from the ground up personalizing the most current professional guidelines for diagnosis and treatment to reflect what his patients have taught him about ADHD. Rather than taking a behavioral or psychological approach, Focus-MD is a medical practice that treats ADHD as the medical problem that science has proven it to be. As with other chronic medical problems, like diabetes, behavioral changes and behavioral treatment are helpful adjuncts to the medical approach.

After demonstrating that this approach is medically sound, popular with patients and cost effective in both time and dollar resources, Dr. Wiley  joined by partners who share vision of changing the way ADHD care is delivered to this specialized medical model. In order to spread the vision, a network of Board Certified Physicians trained in the Focus-MD method is being established.