How Is ADHD Diagnosed?

There are many conditions that can resemble the symptoms of ADHD. Just like a runny nose may be caused from colds, allergies or sinusitis, inattention can be due to boredom, learning disability, sleep problems, allergy, anxiety and other causes. At Focus-MD, we strive to make a precise diagnosis by listening to your story and getting teacher input then combining that information with the latest technology for objective testing.

How Is ADHD Treated?

The best science suggests stimulant medication as the first line of treatment of ADHD. The MTA study, one of the most respected in the field, found that very careful follow up with medication titration to maximize improvement and minimize side effects was the best single way to manage this problem.

Focus-MD was established so that our doctors would have more time for that kind of follow up. Behavior modification, tutoring/coaching and nutrition all have their roll to play as well, and we try to tailor treatment to the individual patient.