Complexities and Realities of Diagnosing and Medicating ADHD

With the alarming amount of children in the U.S. currently on medication for ADHD, parents have concerns. But in reality, ADHD is over and underdiagnosed. It is over and under-treated. It is certainly true that many children are misdiagnosed with ADHD while their actual behavioral problems come from other factors. However, that does not mean that everyone is misdiagnosed. Some people really have ADHD and really need medication to live comfortable lives. While we fear the zombie effect of overmedication, many kids with ADHD are actually undermedicated. Overmedication can lead to kids acting like zombies, which is the #1 concern of parents. But the truth is that most kids are not even on enough medication to control their ADHD much less make them zombie-like.

At Focus-MD we believe that the key to treating ADHD is careful, precise use of medication that lets the patient be him/herself but just focused enough. We also provide families and patients resources so that our care provides more than medicine. Nutrition, exercise, and educational accommodations are all mainstays of taking care of ADHD symptoms.

There is a difference between having an impairment from ADHD and seeing an inconvenience in a child’s short attention span. An impairment can be moderated by medication, but an inconvenience may just need a lifestyle change. Ask questions, take tests, and think about what is the best route for you or your child. Talk to us about what is your best treatment- or if you need any at all.