Day 18: 31 Ways to Make ADHD Medication Less Scary Before Halloween

Another horror story about ADHD medication

How about one more horror story as we get closer to Halloween. The Adderall 25 milligram horror story is one that should make every parent fearful. But, it’s completely avoidable.

The story is that there was a college student who had been on Adderall XR 25 milligrams for 6 years. This particular medicine caused him to have mood problems and made him what he felt was boring and quiet. So, he took the medicine only when he had to, which, of course, made his symptoms worse, his side effects worse. He took the medication because it really helped him concentrate and get his school work done, and he wanted to do well in school.

But, after six years he finally came to FocusMD. We were able to make two small changes. We knew that amphetamine based medicines worked for him, but that maybe the delivery system of Adderall XR did not. So, we changed him to Vyvanse and increased his dose from 20 to 40 milligrams.

He began to do much better. After taking medicine seven days a week his side effects went away. Within several weeks he was much happier with his medication, was doing just as well or better in school, and had really, essentially, no problems with his mood or affect.

That’s a great way to end a horror story. There is no reason why parents should have six years of horror story, or even six weeks of horror story, about a stimulant medication. We know that side effects go down with time, and if they’re not going down then don’t be afraid; just change the medicine.

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James Wiley is the founder of Focus-MD. Focus-MD is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and related problem patients. They provide objective testing, medical treatment as well as behavior modification strategies to help or patients transform from frustration to focus. To find a Focus-MD clinic, click here. 

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