Day 2: 31 Ways to Make ADHD Medication Less Scary Before Halloween

Is there anything I can do to stop the Zombie Effect of ADHD medication

So today, we’re going to go another step in helping you prevent your child from being a zombie on ADHD medications. The fact that many parents don’t like the way the medicines make their children feel or the way that it makes them flat or changes their personality, leads them to use the medication less often. So they only give the medication on days when the child needs it. In other words, on school days. That leaves the child vulnerable to waking up Monday morning to starting the side effects of the zombie effect all over again.

Side effects of stimulant medication decrease over time. This is well documented and if you start over every Monday with new side effects you’re more likely to have changes in personality and zombification. You may noticed that by Thursday or Friday of each week your child’s personality’s coming back somewhat. That’s expected, but if you continue the medicine seven days a week through a couple of weeks, you should notice that the child’s personality in affect is coming back to just normal but better self-control. If that’s not happening, wrong dose of the wrong drug and you need to let your provider know.

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