Dr. Smith of Focus-MD Richmond is nominated for EVB Loves Small Business Contest

In this interview, Dr. Stephanie Smith talks about her goal of opening the Focus-MD clinic in her community. Her goal is to promote self-awareness for children and young adults who have ADHD and to increase interest in mental health in the community. The difference between our clinic and other doctors offices, Dr. Smith says, is that we don’t just give the children medication. We know it is a larger issue that involves looking at the child as a whole and their environment.

The reason EVB Bank is sponsoring small business in the community is to focus on the importance of small business. Dr. Smith says she likes the ability to take time with each patient and get to know them, not only as a patient, but on a personal level. This is how the clients become comfortable with her and the clinic.

Dr. Wiley, founder of Focus-MD, says of Dr. Smith, “I am so impressed with this message!  You’ve got it and you express it so well.  From the clinical to the business case/sense.  Any parent would feel immediately comfortable with your practice after watching this.  You are a great ambassador for Focus-MD and more importantly the kids we serve. You are an inspiration! Many, many thanks on behalf of all of us!”

For more information on Focus-Md Richmond, visit their site here.

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