Focus-MD’s Dr. Moore: Bringing ADHD Awareness to Birmingham, Alabama

Dr. Tanikqua Moore, MD of Focus-MD Birmingham

Dr. Moore joined Focus to have the opportunity to have more time for treatment and diagnosis of ADHD and availability for these patients. 

First Job: Wendy’s
What advice would you give your High School self? Enjoy yourself and disregard people’s opinions about you
Have you always planned to go into medicine? If not, what did you want to do? Yes, either as a Pediatrician or Veterinarian
Who has helped you the most during your career? The Lord.
What is your philosophy on patient care? The patient comes first. If you remember to do this with every patient you can ensure that you deliver appropriate, caring and beneficial medical care.
What do you think is the future of ADD/ADHD and treatments? More specific diagnosing and genetic identification

Personal Life

  • Dr. Moore is married with 2 children: Elizabeth and Gabrielle


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