Intro: 31 Ways to Make ADHD Medication Less Scary before Halloween

Hi, I’m Dr. James Wiley with Focus-MD. It’s ADHD Awareness Month, and we’d like to spend the month of October giving you 31 reasons to be less afraid of stimulant medication between now and Halloween. Parents have a justifiable concern about stimulant medications, but the last 30 years of science has taught us that these medications are safe and effective, and we want you to know that information.

Fear of stimulant medications is one of the main things that keeps parents and families from seeking ADHD treatment that can be life changing, and we want you to have the real information based on real science between now and the time that the ghosts and the ghouls get out on Halloween. So stay tuned for a daily update of another reason why stimulant medication is safe and effective, and you’ll be less scared on Halloween.

James Wiley is the founder of Focus-MD. Focus is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and related problem patients. They provide objective testing, medical treatment as well as behavior modification strategies to help or patients transform from frustration to focus.

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