An ADHD Test – does one really exist?

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YES and NO. While there is no single test for ADHD, the QbTest provides objective information for the FocusMD physician to support their ADHD diagnosis for their clients. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently cleared the neuropsychological test QbTest developed by the Swedish company Qbtech to aid in assessing individuals with the functional disorder, ADHD. QbTest is a computer‐based test, which provides your FocusMD physician with objective and validated decision-making support when diagnosing and treating ADHD in children, adolescents and adults. QbTest is a widely used and well documented objective tool that measures your or your child’s activity level and ability to concentrate and suppress impulsive behavior. ADHD is a complex disease in which no tool can provide all the answers. However, QbTest will together with other clinical information give the FocusMD physician a foundation to set a diagnosis and QbTest has in many studies shown a very high ability to correctly identify ADHD. What is a QbTest? QbTest is an FDA cleared device used for assessing the core symptoms of ADHD; hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity. It helps healthcare professionals to diagnose, treat and monitor ADHD in patients 6-60 years old more effectively. The QbTest result should always be complemented by a clinical evaluation. QbTest is an objective computer-based test that combines the measurement of attention ability with a kinetic analysis based on an infrared measurement system. Test results are assembled into a report and compared with norm data from other people of the same-sex and age. This way you can see how you react when you concentrate on a task in comparison with persons who do not have ADHD. Why should I take a QbTest? QbTest helps identify, rule out and monitor ADHD more effectively. The result of a QbTest can provide objective valuable information to help your physician determine if you have ADHD or not. The QbTest result should always be complemented by a clinical evaluation. How does the test work? The test if performed in front of a computer screen. During the test, a number of different symbols are shown at regular intervals on a computer screen. Depending on the age of the person being tested a button shall be pushed either when a particular symbol appears on the screen or when multiple identical symbols come up in a row. This is a common method for measuring attention and impulsivity, and at the same time the activity pattern will be recorded by a camera. The test is very simple to perform and is not uncomfortable or painful in any way. When the test is complete you will receive a written report that in a simple way explains your test results compared with a norm group that you may take home with you. Why does FocusMD use QbTest? Qbtech focuses on objective measurement systems in healthcare. Their product, the QbTest, helps provide useful information in areas not measured correctly before. The company was founded to create an objective tool used to identify ADHD. FocusMD uses these measurements and results of this test in ADHD diagnosis throughout their clinics. For more information about the test you can contact your Focus doctor at Frequently asked questions Is QbTest approved?
 Yes, QbTest is well documented, widely used and cleared by all concerned authorities, including Läkemedelsverket and FDA. Will I be video filmed during the test?
 No, the camera only records the movement of the infrared markers. No pictures are recorded or stored, only information about how the marker has been moving during the test. Is the test affected by my language skills?
 No, the test is not dependent on knowledge of any language. You also do not need to be able to read, write or count. Will the test be affected by color blindness? 
No, the symbols are designed so that most forms of color blindness does not matter. Does a lot of computer gaming experience affect the test results? 
No, there is no link between video game experience and test results. The test itself requires no computer knowledge at all and should be seen as a task and not a video game. About Qbtech the developer of QbTest Qbtech is a company focused on objective measurement systems in healthcare. Our two main products, the QbTest and PDMonitor platforms, have been developed to provide objective and reliable decision support in areas where mainly subjective measures have been used before. Qbtech was founded in 2002 in Gothenburg with a focus on creating an objective tool to identify ADHD. Today this product, QbTest, is widely used in seven countries. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in Gothenburg, Frankfurt (Germany) and London (UK) QbTest information from Visit FocusMD to know more about Focus Clinics & treating ADHD Find a FocusMD clinic