ADHD – It’s real, Dude!

Real life stories from the world of ADHD.

Recently, in a discussion with a 20-year old Engineering student at Focus-MD, we discussed his journey through the world of ADHD medicine. Specifically as it related to his experience of being on medication for three months and then off for one year. Below is his story:

“I stopped my medication because my mom doesn’t believe in ADHD. But Dude, it’s real. I’m sitting in class, in our new engineering building, and the fluorescent lights are messed up. There are 12 of them in a row and they flash constantly and click every three seconds. When I am not noticing this I am thinking—’Seriously?! Why are the lights messed up in the NEW engineering building?!'”

Before my professor came into the classroom, I proceeded to get on my desk in an effort to adjust the bulbs, but it didn’t help. I have even tried to find the circuit breaker, but I can’t.

I always turn the lights off because there is plenty of sunlight to illuminate the room, but someone turns them back on, and then I just cannot pay attention. Oh, and I look out the windows as well!

When I was on my medication – I was listening and learning about engineering instead of trying to engineer a way out of distraction.”

It’s real dude. Here’s your prescription. See you in a month!

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