This Valentine’s Day; Love Yourself!

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As you get ready for Valentine’s Day, take sometime to love yourself and your ADHD. What do we mean? If you’re like most adults who were not diagnosed with ADHD until now, you’ve probably grown up with some really damaging messages like,  “you’re lazy, you’re too stubborn or you can’t do anything right.”

Throw all those negative thoughts out the window. We want to encourage you to embrace your ADHD and love yourself this Valentine’s Day. There are many great qualities that come along with ADHD. Here are three qualities you may have overlooked about yourself:

1. Creativity:
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Creativity is just one perk of ADHD. Don’t just take our word for it, some of the worlds most creative thinkers had ADHD. Take for example Painter Pablo Picasso, Inventor Thomas Edison or Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, all honed their ADHD and created works that we still praise to this day. Embrace your creativity because some people would give anything to have that quality.

2. Funny bone:
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It’s no secret that people who have ADHD are among some of the funniest people alive. Take for example the late Robin Williams, he has made us roll in the floor laughing at his incredible talents. Not many people can bring joy into people’s lives like some one with a knack for comedy.

3. Je ne sais quoi:
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You’re on your own wavelength. You see the world in a entirely different way, an outlook that can be confusing to others without ADHD. There is something about you that people just can’t put their finger on, EMBRACE IT! Your ADHD is your Je ne sais quoi!

Now put a little extra pep in your step, because you have ADHD and its one of the many qualities that make you amazing.

Happy “love yourself” Valentine’s Day!

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