What is the Focus-MD Way?

Rather than taking a behavioral or psychological approach, Focus-MD is a medical practice that treats ADHD as the medical problem that science has proven it to be. Dr. James Wiley practiced general pediatrics at Dothan Pediatric Clinic in Dothan AL for almost 20 years before moving to Mobile in 2008 and founding Focus. While in Dothan he was able to work with a number of patients having ADHD.

He believed ADHD patients needed a better way to handle there disorder and he believed he could help. Born out of years of personal and professional frustration with the standard of care in ADHD management, focus approaches the ADHD problem head on. When Dr. Wiley opened Focus-MD he designed the practice from the ground up, personalizing the most current professional guidelines for diagnosis and treatment to reflect what his patients have taught him about ADHD.

Dr. Wiley still sees patients in Mobile, AL and Hoover, AL.

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